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Which treatment option is the best?

Each doctor you ask will have a different opinion about which treatment option is the best way to go when dealing with prostate cancer. When choosing which treatment is best, every patient has to look at the positives and negatives. The most important factor is the cure rate. Research shows that surgery and brachytherapy have similar cure rates. This means that the amount of people who are cancer-free after surgery is similar to the number of people who are cancer-free after going through brachytherapy.

But what about the side effects? This is where these two treatment options differ greatly. According to a recent study from the Florida Cancer Physicians Network, “seed implant results in a lower rate of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence than surgery”. After brachytherapy, or seed implants, patients have a less chance of suffering from long term side effects and are able to maintain bodily functions that they could lose after surgery.

Chicago Prostate Center offers brachytherapy (seed implant).  With their 15-year data yielding excellent cure rates and low rates of side effects, brachytherapy is an excellent treatment option for patients.   Visit  Chicago Prostate Center’s website at for more information or go to to schedule  a consultation today.

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