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What is your Prostate?

You have seen on this site lately quite a bit of information regarding what we do at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, what equipment we utilize for effective treatment, and how we do it. The question we have not addressed is, what is Prostate Cancer? Before we can even get to that we are going to discuss what your prostate actually is and what it does. 

Your prostate serves two primary function in the male body, and both are reproductive in nature. “First, the prostate produces a prostatic fluid for semen that nourish sperm during and after intercourse. It’s second function is to push the prostatic fluid through the urethra, the tube that carries this fluid out of the body through the penis during ejaculation.” (David G Bostwick, MD)

As you can see, the prostate is vitally important in sexual function. This is why we see with most forms of radiation treatment, a slight or significant loss of erection capacity and general sexual function. This could be caused from a cloud volume of radiation that effects surrounding tissue, or from the nature of a surgical procedure.

Now the next question in relation to the prostate is where is it? Well the prostate quite literally means “one who stands before”, “protector”, or “guardian.” What it actually stands in front of is the bladder, and also behind the abdominal wall. Considering the ejaculatory force produced and the prostatic fluid volume, the prostate gland is only the size of a walnut, generally.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series, entitled “What is cancer?”


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