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Trailblazing Sun-Times Sportswriter Lacy J Banks dies

Lacy J. Banks was a very brilliant man. He was a trailblazer as the first full-time African-American sportswriter for the Sun-Times, a job that led him to cover seven world championships involving Chicago teams. Lacy J. Banks was also a Baptist preacher for 60 years, which he intertwined into his career as a journalist. Lacy Banks had the personality that would light up the room, to many NBA players he was more than a reporter he was also a mentor. “Every time me I walked into the press room and saw Lacy, I’d smile,” Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander said. “The first thing I’d say was, ‘What’s up, Reverend?’ And he always had something nice and wonderful to say. He never lost his edge as a reporter. He was battling Michael Jordan to the very end. He was one of those hellfire and brimstone ministers in the locker room. He would give the players a sermon in his questions.” From the NBA players, competitors and colleagues everyone saw Lacy more than a reporter, they saw him as a mentor, comrade and most of all he was respected for what he did.

Lacy J Banks died last Wednesday from heart complications. Lacy battled and conquered prostate cancer and a brain tumor. Lacy will be missed by everyone that ever had the privilege to meet him.

CPC would like to acknowledge a wonderful man that had beat prostate cancer and lived a happy life with his wife, children and grandchildren.


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