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The Goro Family and Friends Tackle Prostate Cancer

Thirteen years ago, Chuck Goro was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. Chuck went in for a random checkup when his doctor found prostate cancer. There where no symptoms or warnings for Chuck. The doctors told Chuck that if he didn’t begin treatment immediately, he would not survive another six months. It is now 13 years later, and Chuck is stronger than ever. Chuck, his wife, Kathy, and their children Grace, Julie, Gwen, Charlie and Taira were grateful for the detection of Chuck’s cancer, the doctors and research that went into developing the cutting edge treatments that saved Chuck’s life.



The Goro family has started a fundraising organization called PCL BlueZone, which is working with Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago in the fight against prostate cancer. Saturday, November 16th, was their first annual flag football event, where over 100 people participated!  Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago was honored to have been part of this wonderful day!

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago and ChicagoProstateCancerCenter would like to thank the Goro family and friends for all of their dedication and efforts to tackle prostate cancer. Congratulations PCL BlueZone for a very successful event!

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