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Spouses Have Significant Positive Impact on Prostate Health

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association men more likely to remain healthy, vigorous and disability-free at older ages, if they avoid certain risk factors and were married. Men who followed the healthful criteria had an 80 per cent chance of living to age 80 and were more likely to avoid illness.

Among the factors, including education, low cholesterol and avoiding smoking, one that jumped off the page for us was marriage had a significant impact on how long men live. At CPC, we often see women as their partners’ biggest advocates and encouragers of healthy living and regular medical check-ups.

In fact, according to another study conducted by the University of Michigan and reportedby the Globe and Mail Report, men who live with a woman are 40 per cent more likely to be screened for prostate cancer than men who live alone.

“The presence of having someone else in your life is somehow positively influencing the man’s screening behavior,” said the study’s lead author Lauren Wallner, a graduate research associate at the University of Michigan who helped conduct the study.

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