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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

When a patient is first diagnosed with prostate cancer, the immediate thought is: what next? Each person wants the best treatment possible to help return their lives to some sort of normalcy. The three most common treatment options are surgery, IMRT (intensity-modulated radiotherapy) and brachytherapy (seed implant).

During surgery, a doctor will remove the prostate  to try and get rid of the cancer. IMRT and brachytherapy are both treatments involving radiation. In IMRT, a beam of radiation is focused on cancerous cells in the prostate over a period of 9 weeks  to eventually break down the cancer through recurrent outpatient treatment. With brachytherapy, tiny radioactive seeds are implanted in the prostate to destroy the cancer. After the seeds are implanted, the patient can continue their normal routine. Each of these options is viable and common today, but the Chicago Prostate Center recommends that each patient not immediately select the first option they are given. Instead, get a second or third opinion to figure out which treatment plan is the best for you.

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