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Patient Satisfaction in Service

Patient satisfaction is one of the most important things in all of medicine. The only thing more important than making patients feel like you genuinely care about them, is the efficacy and medical ethic of the service you provide. We will save medical ethics and efficacy for another post, so for today, we will be briefly discussing patient satisfaction. 

What would qualify as a satisfied patient at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center? We would define a satisfied patient as someone who has received sound comprehensive treatment medically, and also received compassionate care apart from the medical treatment. It’s fundamentally treating and caring for the whole person, from the moment they call in to us, to every follow up and event after they leave.

With this definition, do we have satisfied patients that come through Chicago Prostate Cancer Center? Yes, of course we do! Let me give you a few examples.

  1. “Staff, doctors and environment are all very comforting! Great place to be when dealing with such a scary situation!” -Anonymous Patient
  2. “My experience with Chicago Prostate Cancer Center was a glorious one. Dr. Brian Moran is an incredible person who changed my life and put me on the path to becoming well again. Cheers for Dr. Moran and this great treatment center!” – Anonymous Patient
  3. “It’s not just an Operating Room, it’s a ‘Miracle’ room! Thanks, Dr. Moran and staff!” -Anonymous Patient

What does this tell you about our care and concern for our patients? Actually it tell volumes. It shows that we make a strong and concerted effort to let our patients know we truly care for them. Now, if we said that to someone directly, it would probably yield quite a bit of skepticism and rightly so. Here at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, we don’t have to tell you we care. You know from the first visit to the last visit. It’s apparent in how we interact with our patients.

Now the question becomes, “Why is this important?” The first and most obvious answer as to why this kind of compassionate care is important, is that the patients appreciate it. We have all been patients somewhere and have received (or not received) compassionate care. When we receive it, it helps us feel comfortable with the service provider and even be a reason to go back. When we don’t receive it, we may feel like we are just “another number” on the checklist. In light of this, could there be another reason why compassionate care is so important? I believe so. I believe it changes the organization or doctors office that the patient is visiting.

When we as doctors, nurses, or support staff are compassionate and express genuine care and concern, it changes us too. It grants us the opportunity to see that people really are struggling and working through difficult issues. It allows us to see that even when we feel like everything is going wrong personally, we can still reach out and help someone else with a smile or a word of encouragement. Anything to just make their time in our facility memorable. It drives us into a position of service to the patients.

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