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Mustache campaign promotes prostate cancer awareness

During the month of November, men around the world will grow out their mustaches for prostate cancer awareness. Participants will ask for donations from family, friends and co-workers and take pictures of their mustache growth. The mustache campaign is designed to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Live Strong to help researchers find better ways for
prostate screenings. Prostate cancer is a major concern for men, as one in six will be diagnosed with the cancer. More than 33,000 men die from prostate cancer each year. Last year this fundraiser included 11 countries and raised $81 million.

With the US Panel recommending that healthy men should not have their PSA (prostate specific antigen) checked, Adam Garone, CEO and founder of Movember states, “We can’t tell a man if he has an aggressive cancer and needs treatment immediately or if it’s moderate and should change their diet.”

Garone commented, “Movember is about getting men of all ages to be engaged in this and having discussions that we don’t normally have.” The only rule is come November 1stmen start off clean-shaven and then let physiology take over. There is a list of the top mustaches according to the American Mustache Institute: Chevron, Dali, English, Fu Manchu, Handlebar,
Horseshoe, Imperial, Lampshade, Painters Brush, Pencil, Pyramidal and Walrus. For full descriptions, go to

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