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Iowa Patient Thanks CPCC

Thank you Dr. Moran, and as well to each and every one of your staff, who made a difficult decision and operation (procedure) a successful experience. After receiving my original biopsy report from the Mayo Clinic (Gleason 7; PSA 6.2 ng/ml), I was scheduled for robotic surgery by one of the best surgeons in the U.S. After hours, days and weeks of research, I contacted Dr. Moran and he encouraged me to get a second opinion from John Hopkins. I did, and received a more promising Gleason score of 6.
Upon visiting Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, I was so personally and professionally impressed with Dr. Moran’s knowledge and experience base — I made my decision immediately for treatment at the center. Dr. Moran’s expertise, yet reassuring and personable manner, makes a difficult situation much easier to experience. I would without hesitation refer my brothers and/or close friends to Dr. Moran’s center of excellence.

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