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Fun ways to raise money for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Finding out someone close to you has prostate cancer is never easy. Everyone wants to help out in some way, but they don’t know how. Here are some ways to create awareness and also help someone out at the same time.

“Dress down” day

This can easily be a popular company-wide initiative. Choose a day when all employees can donate $5.00 to wear casual clothing or blue jeans to work. This is a win-win fundraiser – your co-workers will be comfortable and the proceeds benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago

Wedding donations

In lieu of wedding favors, make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago. We will provide a card for each table that informs guests that a donation was made in their names. This is a wonderful way to show your friends and family how much you care! The Bride and Groom will also receive a blue ribbon to wear on their wedding day.

Birthday/Retirement/Shower Donations

In lieu of balloons, flowers, and gifts, ask friends and family to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago.

Corporate Company Match of a Donation

If you work for a larger company, find out if your company offers a matching donation to your cause. This is a great way to double your donation!

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of care and quality of life by funding patient support programs, clinical research as well as professional and public education. Our goal is to further promote public awareness, cancer prevention, detection and treatment options to prostate cancer patients, their families and medical professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Donations can be made online at Contact Michelle Braccioforte or Jen Smalcuga at 1-630-654-2515 for more information on fundraising ideas for prostate cancer.

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