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Fred Lehman Tribute

Fred Lehman, Sr., 83, of Norridge, passed away suddenly of a heart attack on September 18. He and his lovely wife, Dorothy, were great supporters of Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, as we treated Fred’s high risk prostate cancer over 8 years ago. Fred’s number one concern was quality of life, as he was a U.S. Master’s swimmer, earning over 600 medals over his swimming career.



We were able to treat him successfully, and allowed Fred to enjoy his swimming and daily activities with no interruption. At the time of his death, Fred’s PSA was 0.01 ng/ml, cancer free since his treatment. We are deeply saddened by his loss. Please accept our condolences; it was an honor to have known such a great person and we will truly miss him.

May God embrace Dorothy and all of his loved ones in comfort during this difficult time.

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