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For Father's Day give the Gift of Health

As Father’s Day approaches this year and you and your family get together to celebrate, please encourage the men in your life to stay ahead of their health.  An article published in the Wall Street Journal today (6/15/10) addresses the issue of how men are 24% less likely than women to get a checkup, but are hospitalized more often for preventable illnesses.  Many of these illnesses could be prevented if they underwent simple screening tests such as rectal and prostate exams.  Many men are reluctant to undergo these exams for fear of finding out that something may be wrong.  As we have stated in previous blogs, early detection of prostate cancer is key for success in treatment of this disease.  We highly recommend annual prostate cancer screening through digital rectal exams and PSA blood tests for men over the age of 50.  And if you are African American or have a family history of prostate cancer you should begin screening at age 40.  The earlier prostate cancer is detected the easier it is to treat with the best survival rates.  So when you are gathered around your table this weekend with the men you love, please remind them that a few minutes of their time could save their lives.

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