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Find out why Dr. Bhayani commutes 65 miles to Chicago Prostate Cancer Center for his patients…

I have been sending my patients to Chicago Prostate Cancer Center since 1998.  I used to do seed implants at my community hospital in Kankakee, but I felt I could do better for my patients and the community I serve.  After a considerable amount of research, I came to the conclusion that I would take my patients to a place that if I, or a member of my family, had prostate cancer, I would want to be treated.



My community hospital performs a minimal amount of seed implants and as a result, the support staff and resources are limited for this specialized prostate cancer treatment.  Therefore, I stopped doing seed implants at my community hospital because I felt my patients needed highly specialized prostate cancer treatment at a place where a large number of patients are done every year. By far, Chicago Prostate Cancer Center performs the highest number of cases in the country and world.  Chicago Prostate Cancer Center has lived up to its reputation. Even though it is a 65 mile commute, it is a win-win situation for my patients and myself.  My patients have been extremely happy and satisfied with the professionalism of the staff at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center and the unmatched expertise of Dr. Brian Moran.  My patients have benefited immensely from the prostate cancer treatment and have done well over many years; they are satisfied with their outcomes.  Chicago Prostate Cancer Center is a pioneer facility in seed implants.  Seed implants and Chicago Prostate Cancer Center offer my patients the best quality of life and outcomes.

Bipin Bhayani, MD

Urologist in Kankakee, IL

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