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Dr. Brian Moran — Comments on Dr. Simone's article "The Gullible Decade"

The Gullible Decade

A recap of an article written by Joseph V. Simone, M.D.

For Oncology Times, January 25, 2010

I recently read this article by Dr. Simone.  I could not agree more with his opinion.  We need more people in medicine like Dr. Simone.                                   Brian Moran, M.D.

Joseph V. Simone is Senior Advisor at the University of Florida Shands Cancer Center, with previous leadership roles at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center among others. 

The article is very intriguing because Simone refers to an article written in the New York Times, by Frank Rich, entitled “Tiger Woods, Person of the Year.”  Simone reflects on Rich’s commentary regarding the past decade and how the public was bamboozled countless times by investment bankers, businessmen, politicians and celebrities.  But he asks, “Who is to blame?”  The perpetrators or the American public who “took the bait with little thought or question”?

All this leads to the question of what has this to do with medicine?  “A lot,” Simone states, “The medical profession is not immune to being bamboozled by the pharmaceutical industry and, occasionally, over-zealous scientists.  Even worse, some in our profession and medical businesses bamboozle the public and even, God forgive us, our patients.”  However, unlike the American public mentioned above, patients and doctors have a special relationship, especially patients with cancer.  They are ill and are extremely vulnerable and desperate for hope.  That is why a doctor can not abuse his power and must be held to a higher moral and ethical standard and not prescribe unnecessary medications or treatments for personal or monetary gain.

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