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Dean Conterato, MD — Brachytherapy: When Surgery is not an Option

I had an interesting case last week.  A 61 year old, African American patient came to me a few months ago.  He had been diagnosed with low-grade prostate cancer (confirmed by biopsy) 2 years ago and at that time considered having surgery to remove his prostate.  Surgery was attempted, but aborted due to dense abdominal scar tissue.  The patient decided to wait and watch his situation instead.  After 2 years of monitoring, he came to Chicago Prostate Cancer Center due to his increasing PSA levels.  I had him undergo a repeat biopsy because it had been 2 years since his previous biopsy and his PSA had increased significantly.  The biopsy results were a Gleason score of 3 + 3, tumor stage T2b (and he also had a PSA of 21.36).  His bone scan and CAT scan performed prior to his repeat biopsy were normal.  He was a good candidate for brachytherapy.  Last week he came in for his treatment and was implanted easily.  The procedure went smoothly and his prognosis is excellent.

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