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Chicago Prostate Cancer Center – Seed Implants

Chicago Prostate Cancer Center is the premier Brachytherapy facility in the world! As a “Center of Excellence” we are committed to one treatment, and that is Brachytherapy. It is our philosophy that we have an obligation to do what is right by and for the patient. We are also dedicated to pursuing advancements in our treatment option. For you, the patient, this shows two things.

The first is that we are truly concerned with the best treatment option for the patient. If you are not a candidate for Brachytherapy for whatever reason, our doctors will inform you of that, and also point you in the right direction for the treatment that is best for you. The second thing this shows you is that within the realm of Brachytherapy we are not resting on what we know, but actively pursuing better techniques, technologies, and methodologies. It is an ever evolving process here at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center.

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