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Brian Moran, M.D. — Less Is More

I just saw a 74 year old retired professional athlete for consultation regarding his newly diagnosed prostate cancer.  Based on current clinical staging criteria, this gentleman meets the low risk category.  This means that his cure rate is essentially 95% or greater at 10 years, regardless of which treatment he pursues.  I personally, would offer this gentleman brachytherapy (or implant) only — that is all that is required.   However, he was advised elsewhere that he needs hormone therapy followed by external beam radiation followed by implant.  There is no data to show any added benefit regarding his cure rate by adding more treatments.  To the contrary, he is only putting himself at greater risk for complications.  This patient was unfortunately misinformed and I am very confident that implantation is the only treatment that is required, especially since he leads a very active lifestyle.  All these additional treatments would only jeopardize his lifestyle by negatively affecting his bowel, urinary and sexual function.  This is the concept of “Less is More” that we at Chicago Prostate Cancer Center strive to adhere to.

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