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BrachyTherapy Side Effects

BrachyTherapy is a procedure that uses seed implantations to emit ionizing radiation directly into a malignant tumor. It is typically a quick procedure, taking about an hour. Afterward, you can expect some soreness, swelling and bruising where the area was treated. The bruising is almost always mild and can last for a few days. If you’re worried about pain following the procedure, talk to your doctor about prescription pain medication.

Due to the instruments that are used during the procedure, some side effects might be present in the first couple of days. Some of these side effects might include slight bleeding beneath the scrotum or blood in your urine. However, these side effects are normal and shouldn’t be the cause of any worry. If your bleeding becomes abundant or there are large blood clots in your urine, make sure to contact the appropriate doctor. If you have any questions about your procedure or about your prostate, make sure to consult your doctor conducting the brachytherapy procedure.

It’s important to recognize that some side effects may not appear for a week or two after the procedure. The side effects come from the radiation that is being emitted into your prostate from the seed implementations. You may also experience frequent, urgent, or uncomfortable urination. However, these symptoms usually don’t last for long periods of time and will decrease as the seeds lose their radioactive strength. It’s recommended to drink plenty of water to help reduce these side effects.

There is a small chance that you may become incontinent or impotent. Patients over the age of 70 are more likely to be impacted by this side effect. However, compared to other forms of radiation treatment, brachytherapy shows a much lower rate of these side effects. If you have any concerns about your procedure, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

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