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Cancer Research Fellowship: Introducing the Brachytherapy Fellowship Participant

Chicago Prostate Cancer Center (CPCC) has been strategically selected to be the first medical facility to provide a series of brachytherapy medical fellowships by the American Brachytherapy Society. The medical fellowship is the latest in a number of ongoing efforts by CPCC to foster continued research around prostate cancer treatments. Cancer research fellowships are designed to mentor young investigators to conduct clinical and laboratory research and to forge a successful career path in the field. 


Introducing Dr. Awad Ahmed, M.D.


Dr. Ahmed has been selected by the American Brachytherapy Society and Chicago Prostate Cancer Center as the first participant in a series of cancer fellowships focusing on brachytherapy. He attended medical school at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia and participated as chief resident for radiation oncology at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is also currently training as a PGY V resident. 


In his free time he enjoys soccer, playing poker, and riding his motorcycle. He is also an extensive world traveler with previous trips to Shanghai, Guillin, Gaungzhou, Luoyang, Hefei, Turkey, and Nicaragua. His goal is to attain more hands-on experience in prostate LDR brachytherapy in anticipation of his job which will entail providing brachytherapy treatment to patients.


What Are Dr. Ahmed’s Goals After the Brachytherapy Medical Fellowship?


Dr. Ahmed is slated to work in a community hospital in Waterloo, Iowa after his residency. The current department does not provide brachytherapy services to the population and one of his main goals will be to start a prostate brachytherapy practice to meet the needs of this underserved population. 


Brachytherapy  is a procedure that involves placing radioactive material inside your body. It is widely known to be one of the most effective treatment options for prostate cancer and tends to have less detrimental side effects. In addition, he is interested in working abroad and being skilled in prostate LDR will be an asset.


“It would be an honor and a privilege to be accepted to the brachytherapy fellowship sponsored by the American Brachytherapy Society, and I know the experience will benefit my patients tremendously,” said Dr. Ahmed in his application letter.


Congratulations, Dr. Ahmed!


Chicago Prostate Cancer Center and the American Brachytherapy Society are thrilled to extend this cancer research fellowship to Dr. Ahmed to not only advance the prostate cancer field but also aid in getting effective treatment to rural areas that do not have the same level of care available to patients.


Interested in learning more about brachytherapy? Read our blog post “What is Brachytherapy?or contact Chicago Prostate Cancer Center for more information.

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